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Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Product Data Sheets
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991 is committed to improving the health of those from all walks of life. Men, women, everyday fitness enthusiasts, high school athletes, college athletes, as well as those involved in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Each Max Muscle Sports Nutrition employee is extremely knowledgeable and will take the time with each client to pinpoint their health and fitness goals finding the best program, supplements and/or vitamins for them to achieve those goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or simply dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle Sports Nutrition provides the best products and services.

Our MAXPRO™, Max Gourmet™ and other protein supplements are considered the best in the industry based on their high quality and level of purity. Our proteins, glutamines, and creatines are made to optimize uptake and absorption, while using only the best ingredients. Max Muscle’s product development team has produced extraordinary pre workout and post workout formulations to help support body building, muscle gain, endurance workouts and weight training. Beyond the supplements we manufacture ourselves, at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, we are committed to promoting and carrying only the safest, most effective products.

Max Muscle carries a broad line of diet and weight loss supplements including CLA, L-carnitine as well as more powerful fat burners.  While weight loss and weight gain seem to be the industry standard for sports nutrition, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition goes above and beyond, developing supplements for testosterone amplification, cleansing, Bariatric patients, among other products including nutraceuticals for your well being.


Need a New Gym?

Back in the day you used to scream with the best of them when you leg-pressed 800 pounds. Rock music blasted overhead and you and the other guys in the small hardcore gym you all called home would sweat, grunt and lift your way to perfected physiques.


8 Reasons to Strength Train

So, you think you’re hot stuff in the gym five days a week running like there’s no tomorrow on the treadmill? Well, that’s great for your heart and lungs, but you’re not building lean muscle mass. In fact, you could actually be burning muscle mass with all that cardio training.


How to Choose a Diet Plan

Losing weight is not exactly an easy task unless you know exactly what to do. So often people try to lose weight incorrectly and get caught in the yo-yo dieting trap of drastically losing weight only to gain it all – and then some – back. It’s frustrating for sure, not to mention incredibly unhealthy.

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